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Our mission is to lead the way in providing outstanding quality care in our community. Quality care that is affordable, dignified, respectful, and compassionate.

We’re changing how people live and age at home.


By 2050, the number of people in the U.S. age 65 and over will swell to almost 90 million, about twice the current population. We’re ready to help!

Green Mountain Total Care, is passionate about helping older adults live well in their own homes as they age, improving the quality of life for our clients—and those who love them.

We care about your overall wellness

The Balanced Care Method is our proprietary approach to care. It focuses on overall wellness; emphasizing nutrition, engagement and social connection, and bringing joy and meaning to each day.


Cognitive Stimulation

People with active, engaged minds tend to have less cognitive decline, fewer symptoms of depression and anxiety, and reduced stress. Our caregivers encourage stimulating activities—puzzles, art, games, reminiscing, and more—that boost engagement and strengthen the caregiver-client relationship.



Our caregivers understand age-related dietary challenges like loss of taste and smell. We focus on plant-based meals and smaller portions, encouraging clients to avoid indulgence and stay mindful when eating. When possible, we include the client in menu planning, shopping, and cooking, which transforms nutrition into an opportunity to engage.


Physical Activity

One in three people over age 75* does not engage in any physical activity. This contributes to falls, reduced bone density, and health problems. Our caregivers customize fun, safe physical activities while considering individual limitations. Walking, dancing, gardening, stretching—we find every opportunity to get up and move.


Sense of Calm

When older adults are calm and feel a sense of purpose, they’re better equipped to avoid stress and disease. We help our clients find joy and meaning through activities like yoga, meditation, Tai chi, bird-watching, and even simple activities like listening to music.


Social Engagement

Social engagement provides emotional support, limits stress, and reduces loneliness. But many people become less socially engaged as they age. We create opportunities for clients to make new friends, engage in conversations, discover new hobbies, and stay connected to family, friends, and community.


Sufficient Sleep

Consistent, high-quality sleep is important for regulating moods and cognitive function. We work diligently to establish and maintain healthy sleep habits by creating a calm sleep environment and structuring the day to limit napping and increase stimulation, leading to deeper, healthier sleep.

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